Time to reopen and reconnect with customers, but read the room

While some countries, such as the UAE, haven’t been hit as hard by the pandemic as others, it’s still prudent to recognise the fear and apprehension that many people still feel. Your reopening marketing strategy shouldn’t appear to gloss over what’s happening. Allude to ways your organisation is addressing the situation and doing things differently with empathy and and respectfully in a way that keeps people safe in the wake of Coronavirus.

Reset, restart, reach out – but read the room, as you look with positivity into your reopening marketing strategy and create engaging content that resonates with your audience and aligns perfectly with your new business objectives.

With high LinkedIn engagement and real sales leads waiting there, don’t let social media fatigue make you lazy on LinkedIn! Here are some simple tips to up your LinkedIn game

(Blog by Ian Hainey, CEO of marketing agency, iHC, with parts extracted from his Amazon bestseller, Promoting Your Business) Social media fatigue. Our brains are getting overworked thanks to all the various platforms vying for the hourly input from our consciousness. Whether B2B or B2C, there’s a growing opinion both consumers and marketers are at…

Agency CEO launches book for promoting any business in 2019

The CEO of a Dubai-headquartered, international marketing agency has launched an up-to-date marketing guide for anyone looking to promote their business. In challenging market conditions, business owners seeking to maximise profits while reducing costs are increasingly looking for ways to drive sales and leads, while building lasting, profitable relationships with customers. Enter Promoting Your Business…