Website Creation & Management

On top of being your main sales tool your website is the heart of your brand. It is a place you have complete control over and can manage your own reputation. Your website validates your status as a brand and is the go-to for clients and customers when vetting a purchase. Therefore it should be left in the hands of the experts, such as IHC, handling multiple new web projects monthly.

With most website and design projects brand awareness & representation and lead generation are the key attributes for future success. A leader in web and design services for over a decade, we build brand and digital solutions that connect you with your customers through unrivalled experience in the industry and will lead you through every stage of the branding cycle.

IHC is a marketing communication agency with expertise in messaging, strategy and technology, creating engaging experiences through design craft and superior technical resources.

Our integrated, holistic approach to creative and visual communications is the successful combination that will provide the most impact for your budget.

With a top team team of web development professionals, experienced client managers, journalist-level copy and high level video and photography – all in-house – plus 24-hour support systems, clients find it easier to communicate from the start making this a positive experience throughout and the foundation for future promotion of your site.


While IHC builds many websites on an ongoing basis, Boxica is a good example of a site that not only is simple and looks good, but it includes booking and payment integrations that will streamline this new fitness franchise and facilitate growth and expansion.

Tenable FEC

Often before we can drive an organisation forward with marketing strategy that delivers brand awareness and generates sales and leads, we must first deliver a well optimised and functional website. Tenable’s website is the perfect example of this, following the organisation’s brand guidelines and objectives to create an attractive but simple website that delivers. Developed and approved within only a few weeks, Tenable FEC’s website is exactly what the client both needs and wants.

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