Testimonial – Stuart Vernon, Sales Director, Triplefast Middle East/ Lonestar Group

IHC enabled our business to go from zero social media presence or experience on how to create and manage social media content, to a regular digital presence. 

Setup and launch, creative & content creation, social media posting scheduling, and all elements of social media management is professional, timely, and effortless for us as it is managed the team at IHC. 

What started out as subscribing to services for social media management of LinkedIn and Twitter etc, has now evolved into additional services such as PR and press release management and marketing as an outsourced service to IHC. 

This enables our business access to leading experts in their field to create and deliver industry leading content enhancing our brand profile, identity, and customer loyalty. 

Thank to everyone at IHC, great job and we look forward to continuing our working partnership long into the future. 

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