PR-led integrated communications, as the plugin marketing department building brand awareness and reputation management for the multi-award winning industry leader.


All PR and content production for the global powerhouse’s extensive Middle East operations while liaising with headquarters and following stringent global brand guidelines.


Video marketing and Google Ads campaigns delivering lead generation & brand awareness across the GCC and Africa for this bluechip technology client.


Spectacular global event video series, showcasing our video skills across various events, with extensive skills and technologies used to create incredible internal communications also used for company branding purposes.

Tenable FEC

Social media, content marketing, PR, online advertising and neo-SEO combine to deliver a powerful and engaging monthly remit for this unicorn specialist engineering organisation as it grows regionally and internationally.

Losberger De Boer

As always, our retained clients benefit from unrivalled planning, handling all elements of social media, content marketing, PR, online advertising and neo-SEO for the world’s biggest and best temporary structures company, as they build and dismantle impressive buildings across the Middle East and continue to grow regionally and globally.


Running Google Ads and targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns across the Middle East for Serco, who employs more than 4,500 people across five countries including Bahrain, Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, operating across the sectors of Defence, Transport, Healthcare, Justice and Immigration and Citizen Services.

Finland at Expo 2021

Running Google Ads, social campaigns, video, content marketing, PR, newsletters and event marketing strategies in for Business Finland and the country’s participation at the forthcoming Expo, IHC is responsible for promoting all industrial activities of the nation and its participating companies. 


Delivering several corporate events per year turnkey across MENA for the telecommunications global giant who leverages a vast and intelligent network that spans satellite and ground infrastructure.


Global event and exhibition PR, video, animations and general marketing delivered for a leader in the blockchain industry. Backed by Samsung and delivering full-scale enterprise blockchain solutions, IHC has played an integral part in the launch and rise of this well-funded and trailblazing player.


While IHC builds many websites on an ongoing basis, Boxica is a good example of a site that not only is simple and looks good, but it includes booking and payment integrations that will streamline this new fitness franchise and facilitate growth and expansion.

Tenable FEC

Often before we can drive an organisation forward with marketing strategy that delivers brand awareness and generates sales and leads, we must first deliver a well optimised and functional website. Tenable’s website is the perfect example of this, following the organisation’s brand guidelines and objectives to create an attractive but simple website that delivers. Developed and approved within only a few weeks, Tenable FEC’s website is exactly what the client both needs and wants.


This project included establishing and managing social media and promotions teams for a truly integrated big-budget approach of PR, social media, celebrity engagement, influencer strategy, content production and digital advertising was established, with the team following a fluid, tailored strategy to hit the social network’s core audience. Global publicity and advanced digital marketing methods helped the startup maximise its marketing budget through the use of a multitude of below-the-line methods complementary to this exciting, young and dynamic organisation. Negotiated with celebrities and drove Cristiano Ronaldo’s related social posts. Sportlobster’s subscribers increased from 12,800 to over 500,000 during the eight-month project directing global communications and has since then continued to grow exponentially – approaching 3m users.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a refreshing example of IHC launching a new brand into a global market regionally. Through an effective influencers strategy, couples with some exceptional PR work, we launched the Jamba Juice’s in the tricky location at Yas Mall, to great fanfare and fantastic coverage across social digital and other influential media.

Brochures and Corporate Documents

Our extensive expertise in messaging, strategy and technology, creating engaging experiences through  design craft and superior technical resources. Our integrated, holistic approach to creative and visual communications is the successful combination that will provide the most impact for your budget. 

All Graphic Design

Regardless of your design requirements, we can deliver with top quality designers for every requirement. Whether a straight forward project, or a requirement to delve within your brand identity and uncover the creative content within.

IHC is an award-winning integrated marketing communications agency

Integrated Holistic Communications (IHC) elevates brands above their competition, delivering comprehensive marketing services that increase brand awareness and impacts your bottom line.

Servicing international clients with the best talent in the market since 2009, from startups to entire countries, IHC delivers impactful integrated campaigns, providing high quality services, across: PR, Social Media, Online Google Advertising, Video Production, Photography, Influencer Marketing, Web Design, Event Management, SEO, Email Marketing, Graphic Design and more.

We deliver creative and engaging communications campaigns to position your brand and maximise budgets.


Latest News

Marketing Business Development Executive Wanted

Marketing Business Development Executive Wanted

IHC has an exciting marketing sales position, with potentially lucrative rewards and an immediate start: Based out of the Dubai officeRequire candidates with English as a first languageLargely commission-basedPackage and hours negotiable Do you have experience winning...

Time to reopen and reconnect with customers, but read the room

Time to reopen and reconnect with customers, but read the room

While some countries, such as the UAE, haven’t been hit as hard by the pandemic as others, it’s still prudent to recognise the fear and apprehension that many people still feel. Your reopening marketing strategy shouldn’t appear to gloss over what’s happening. Allude to ways your organisation is addressing the situation and doing things differently with empathy and and respectfully in a way that keeps people safe in the wake of Coronavirus.

Reset, restart, reach out – but read the room, as you look with positivity into your reopening marketing strategy and create engaging content that resonates with your audience and aligns perfectly with your new business objectives.

How Not To Communicate In The Wake Of A Crisis (Entrepreneur.com)

How Not To Communicate In The Wake Of A Crisis (Entrepreneur.com)

When we make fundamental changes to the way people work and how services and products are delivered, the resulting uncertainty requires a commensurate escalation in the internal and external communications of the business. How businesses communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers, and the wider industry must be approached strategically, transparently, and, above all, with empathy, while at all times protecting one of the most important elements of any organization– its reputation.

You + your objectives

In order to achieve your objectives, IHC will craft and a deliver a campaign to ensure we successfully take share of voice from your competitors and establish yourselves as a thought leader within the industry.

We will position the brand, so it is top-of-mind for any companies seeking your solutions across all marketing channels.


Increase brand awareness within target audience

Drive Sales

Differentiate your brand from competitors

Gain market share

Educate target audience

Build a brand community

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