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As a leading Dubai-based video production company, our talented team of dedicated video producers, videographers, editors and animators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers the best of local talent to deliver video projects of any scale, detail, and genre, from studio interviews to commercial shoots.

We help you tell stories that engage your audience. 

IHC delivers for many industries and styles delivering branded corporate communications, full service video production, photography, film crew hire, video production equipment hire, post production services and animation.

Whether you need a digital marketing strategy to launch a new product, promote your image, communicate your vision, need an event photographer or videographer in Dubai, or simply produce corporate videos to share your story, we are here to offer ideas that will help you succeed.

Video has the power to influence people and evoke the right emotion. But showing clips and moving images is not enough to draw the attention of and deliver all the required messages to your target audience. You need the expertise of an experienced video production company to help you craft masterful content that is compelling enough to entertain the audience and send powerful message.

More examples of our corporate work…

Whether you require video to launch a new product, drive PR and social media, build your personal brand, communicate your vision, cover your event or immortalise precious moments, we deliver content that will impress you at a price point well below the market average, thanks to our talented inhouse team.

We are also lucky to have some of the best post-production professionals in the industry and offer a full host of post-production services, including video editing, visual effects, sound design, colour correction and animations, to turn your raw footage into a professional asset.

Video is four times more effective than any other type of communication and is the ultimate way to capture special moments and deliver and portray messages to your audience. We have extensive experience creating high definition videos for a wide range of clients across a diverse spectrum of businesses and individuals across the UAE.

IHC stands apart from the competition as THE integrated agency with high quality in-house video production and visual arts, providing an unrivalled turnkey solution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Never try and save budget on your videography – it is often your strongest and most frequently used asset. We have worked with some of the biggest brands across concept creation, production & post production, offering packages prescribed specifically to fit all needs and budget, with particular care taken to deliver key messages complementing your overall campaign.

Our films have appeared on national prime time television adverts and on presentations from blue-chip companies. However, we regularly produce smaller budget clips, social media packages and reels that perfectly promote all the activities of local businesses, events and locations.

We are fully equipped to take on specific aspects of a project, with our powerful corporate videos covering a wide range of requirements, including  news, events, identity, environmental/ CSR and product showcasing.

Capturing many of the major corporate, leisure, sport and project launches in the region with a team consisting of some of the cream of Dubai’s talent using the latest in technology.

IHC provides video production services for all types of marketing, social media, events, corporate or personal use. As a full service video production company we create your story through video, which is often the most effective means of communications

We have the highest level of talent, delivered by our team delivering visual art ranging from simple interviews and social media clips, through to animation and television-advert quality.

Social media content

We are sure you know, the statistics surrounding social media clips compared to other content is staggering, both in terms of views, dwell time and absorption. As such it’s crucial to build this into your communications strategy or be left behind. IHC has packages to make this more affordable and agile, without compromising on quality or impact.

Whether the messaging dictates longer 1-2 minute videos to shorter 15-20 second edits, we ensure your video content is fit-for-purpose in the best style, form and length to make the most of it.

Corporate events

The video taken from an event can be more powerful than the event itself, as it delivers messages to a much wider audience and captures the essence of what you were trying to physically achieve. A such, high quality video content is a crucial tool to maximising the value of your event budget.

Whether a conference, presentation, launch or exhibition, this should be a crucial part of your strategy and we will ensure we nail the one chance to capture the moments and amplify them with clever post-production.

Of course, we can also provide live updates to be used across social media channels as the event unfolds.

3D animation and graphics

We have designed some very high quality animations and graphics in order to deliver certain messages better through the use of motion graphics, 3D animation or a combination of both and inclusive of real life footage. It’s all about finding the blend with the most impact and developing the most creative storyboard to be delivered by the best talent available for the budget.

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