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IHCnewswire – Global Press Release Distribution

IHCnewswire© distributes your news swiftly and cost-effectively across your target media around the world using advanced technology and utilising an updated database of media, journalist contacts and correspondents, covering most industries and niches.

You will experience unparalleled exposure and SEO benefits from Guaranteed Syndication of your press release and logo appearing unaltered, on the news feeds of: Bloomberg, Reuters, Agence France Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance

This includes an Online Clipping Report delivered five working days from the release distribution date.

  • We distribute to all types of media outlets, but we monitor the online coverage
  • The cost is based on the following three variables:
    • Target media circuits
    • Number of words per release – the basic price is up to 400 Words (including the title, subtitle, dateline, date, PR content, boilerplate and contact details); thereafter we charge per additional 100 words
    • The number of multi-media attachments (logos, photos, videos, PDFs) – the first logo is complimentary
  • Purchasing prepaid bulk order, yearly packages reduce the cost-per-release
  • The initial Online Clipping Report will be delivered two working days after distribution via a URL, then we keep updating the report via the same URL until the fifth working day after the distribution date

IHC’s highly trained teams provide full logistic and advisory support throughout the news distribution process to ensure optimal results. Journalist level account managers will advise on your release and suggest often-crucial improvements.

Additionally, IHCnewswire employs in-house translators to translate press releases from the source language into the target audience’s language, quickly and to the highest level.

IHCnewswire’s advanced technology facilitates a more dynamic interaction between the clients and their target audiences, such as embedding press releases with hyperlinks to the client’s websites to drive more traffic and better acquaint their target audiences about them or their brand; attaching multimedia elements to attract more interest; using social media tags for real-time update and interaction; including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features for staying on top of the search engine searches; and making press releases available via RSS Feeds – among others.

Likewise, IHCnewswire strives to always be available for its clients through its 24/7 newsroom. Clients can be assured that support is on hand at all times. They can also ask for expert advice about the optimal time to publish their press releases that would yield for them the best results and media coverage.


IHCnewswire provides clients with the AW Dashboard that includes the summary and detailed report of the reach of their press release. It includes curated metrics of the geographical coverage of their press release, languages covered, e-clippings of published media, and other relevant data. The AW Dashboard gives clients an idea of the impact of their press release and help their senior management make more informed decisions and create more appropriate communication and public relations policies in the future. The dashboard enables clients to download a customized report in their preferred format – Word, Excel, or PPT.


Journalist-level Copy Writing

We offer compelling copywriting for your marketing and communications materials and our inhouse journalists ensure everything is perfect, including the tone, subject, or style of your content – to give a consistent voice to and resonate with your core audiences.

Proofreading & Editing

Our highly experienced news editors carry out detailed editing checks on documents and put into real news format. The process involves sharpening vocabulary, correcting grammatical errors, and eliminating redundancies. We also edit for spelling and syntax errors, while restructure problem sentences to improve the overall clarity of the document – making your release perfect for receipt by your target media.

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