Copy Writing & Content Creation

Creative content for superior target audience engagement

What’s your brand’s story and why should you receive a higher share of Voice in a cluttered, highly-competitive marketplace? Few things are more powerful than words, so let our talented team drive your storytelling – through written and spoken communication – defining your business and the values contained within it.

Messaging has the most impact when delivered strategically and through a team with finely-honed journalistic skills and talented visual creatives. Every company, employee, product and service has a story and it is important it is told passionately, eloquently and correctly in order to maximise its potential.

IHC endeavours to use words to make your concepts come alive, through words and content that can drive all elements of your communication, from websites and presentations through social media, PR and online advertising.


This project included establishing and managing social media and promotions teams for a truly integrated big-budget approach of PR, social media, celebrity engagement, influencer strategy, content production and digital advertising was established, with the team following a fluid, tailored strategy to hit the social network’s core audience. Global publicity and advanced digital marketing methods helped the startup maximise its marketing budget through the use of a multitude of below-the-line methods complementary to this exciting, young and dynamic organisation. Negotiated with celebrities and drove Cristiano Ronaldo’s related social posts. Sportlobster’s subscribers increased from 12,800 to over 500,000 during the eight-month project directing global communications and has since then continued to grow exponentially – approaching 3m users.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a refreshing example of IHC launching a new brand into a global market regionally. Through an effective influencers strategy, couples with some exceptional PR work, we launched the Jamba Juice’s in the tricky location at Yas Mall, to great fanfare and fantastic coverage across social digital and other influential media.

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