Influencer Marketing

The iHC influencer marketing department has built connections with thousands of influencers based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE and the Middle East region with reach into the many millions. We also boast an impressive global influencer database to ensure your reach is not restricted by geography and can activate your brand in the right locations and target market quickly and efficiently.

From an exciting foundation building a social network through harnessing the cream of sporting talent, from upcoming Indian cricket internationals, to arguably the world’s biggest sporting social media phenomenon – Cristiano Ronaldo – big budgets have went into the influencer knowledge we possess. We know what works and can use your budget to maximise the exposure your product or service gets, through access to every influencer in the world.

Traditional advertising channels are in decline. The majority of people now even take their news through social feeds. Harness the power of social influencers or be left behind the competition – with empty pockets. For our social influencer packages can make even the more modest budgets drive home messages to a highly targeted and engaged audience – whether based upon interest, location or demographic.

We deliver results – or you won’t come back. Our clients range from huge global brands to progressive, fast-growing start-ups. Every client comes back, because what we do is simply incredible value for money.

Using our vast influencer network, we offer businesses and brands the opportunity to harness a total of over 50 million user reach across the major influencer marketing platforms – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn – delivering incredible user engagement.

Advantages of a digital influencer marketing strategy

The fact people trust people is key to the success of influencers marketing. Bloggers and social media influencers have devoted vast amounts of their time and heart in to creating their own platforms, building their reputation, making them arguably the most trustworthy online brand ambassadors. By sourcing influencers who appreciate your product, we harness the inherent trust associated with influencers in an authentic way, which is a powerful blend, generating better brand loyalty and customer conversion.

iHC handles:

  • Research and Identification
  • Outreach and Negotiation
  • Brand Ambassadors Contracting
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Competitions and Gifting
  • Reviews and Launch Attendance
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Channel Takeovers

We have the dedicated influencer management team in place to take the pain out of dealing with many influencers and ensuring you are presented with the best creative solutions for your brand. We work with influencers ranging micro-influencers to macro-influencers and celebrities – sometimes it’s best to mix it up.

Example: you want to get your product onto a powerful social influencer’s Instagram account, but don’t know the best way to do it and how to get the most for your money. We step in as your personal influencer agency, doing our network legwork and leveraging our negotiation skills, introducing your brand to top influencers and helping your brand get the exposure it deserves.

Example remit:

1) Development of Influencer marketing strategy

2) Initial strategic brand introductions to our network of social media influencers within your target audience

3) Negotiations and development of understand of product and building of relationship, including creative concepts

4) Preparation of deliverables and finalising of terms and outputs

5) Awesome delivery

6) Ongoing communications and reports

Most competitively priced packages, working to your budgetb


This project included establishing and managing social media and promotions teams for a truly integrated big-budget approach of PR, social media, celebrity engagement, influencer strategy, content production and digital advertising was established, with the team following a fluid, tailored strategy to hit the social network’s core audience. Global publicity and advanced digital marketing methods helped the startup maximise its marketing budget through the use of a multitude of below-the-line methods complementary to this exciting, young and dynamic organisation. Negotiated with celebrities and drove Cristiano Ronaldo’s related social posts. Sportlobster’s subscribers increased from 12,800 to over 500,000 during the eight-month project directing global communications and has since then continued to grow exponentially – approaching 3m users.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a refreshing example of IHC launching a new brand into a global market regionally. Through an effective influencers strategy, couples with some exceptional PR work, we launched the Jamba Juice’s in the tricky location at Yas Mall, to great fanfare and fantastic coverage across social digital and other influential media.

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