The essential guide to newswires

Getting your content out to the right channels can often make or break a campaign. No matter how well thought out an innovation or activation is, not being able to target your key demographic impacts its success and does not create the awareness you were hoping for or give you the engagement you need.

With the many tools at our disposal, is using a newswire really beneficial or relevant for your business? In this article we will outline the benefits of newswires and whether using one to distribute your content will really add value to you.

What is a Newswire?

A service that has been around for decades, newswires distribute news to editorial offices and journalists in the print, industrial and online media, as well as to news agencies, terminal and database systems.

Newswires were originally sent out through satellite, fax or closed editorial systems but with the invention of email has become much easier and more efficient. This often begs the question whether services like these are really worth the cost? Understanding its benefits will help shed more light on the subject.

How does a newswire work?

Depending on what distribution option you use, the service provides a technical network that sends your content directly into technical interfaces of editorial systems, terminals and news agencies, giving you access to editors and publications across the world. These are in addition to email lists and online portals. The news is not sent by email but through an input form in the newswire system. You simply upload your media alert, press release or other in the input form and send it out for global reach.

What are the benefits of using a newswire?

There are many advantages to using a newswire. Here we have highlighted a few that you should consider before deciding to use this service for distributing your content.

  1. Automated distribution

How much easier would your life be if you didn’t have to add the email of every single person you want to send your news out to? Newswires let you schedule and get your content to your relevant audience in just a few clicks.

  1. Reach the right audience

With the use of a newswire you are guaranteed distribution to systems used by editorial offices. The technical interfaces used by these services ensure your news reaches the relevant teams and people. Editorial systems are much more streamlined and useful to journalists and more efficient than sending your alerts to their email inbox. They usually get many requests via email and could potentially miss your press release amidst the volume of correspondence they receive. Newswires eliminate that by sending your content to the right systems.

  1. Effective for time sensitive communication

If you have a piece of news that needs to go out at a certain date or time, using a newswire can ensure your alert goes out immediately and efficiently to your key audience. This is especially useful if you deal with global news or financial services, for example.

  1. Get your news published immediately

Newswire notifications are often displayed directly on media company websites and news apps. This guarantees (automatic) online publication and improves search engine visibility. We find this works best with SEO tools as Google has changed its algorithms since the inception of newswires and SEO and visibility is a bit more challenging to attain since.

Why is using a newswire the right move for your business?

Newswires increase the visibility of your content and complement traditional forms of communication. We find newswires are a great tool and go hand in hand with developing a good relationship with media outlets and personnel. Both of which we are proud to have access to at IHC.

With IHC newswire you can send your content to the decision makers at the most relevant media outlets for your business. You will also have the advantage of curated targeting to ensure your content reaches the right audience.

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