Blog: what does the LinkedIn Company Pages update mean for you?

by Ian Hainey


You may have seen it, but LinkedIn recently updated its Company Pages, which has now been re-launched as LinkedIn Pages.

Why is this interesting?

The move is an effort to increase engagement between users and improve communication channels between brands, institutions and organisations of all sizes across its reported 30 million Pages.

Here’s a quick clip to give a flavour:

Community managers, also known as admins, can now post updates and respond to comments on the go from the LinkedIn mobile app for iOS and Android.

Admins can now also associate their Page with hashtags, so they can engage with conversations happening about their brand or relevant topics on LinkedIn. In addition, admins can now share documents, like PowerPoints, Word docs and PDFs, increasing the knowledge sharing scope.

And LinkedIn is now getting more hands-on in its efforts to get you more engaged, by adding Content Suggestions, a new feature that suggests topics and content that is trending with the target audience on LinkedIn – helping admins curate and create content their audiences might be interested in:

Not only is LinkedIn trying to help us step up our outward communications game, but it is also directly tackling the way organisations engage their own people, by introducing the ability to discover and re-share their employees’ public LinkedIn posts from their Page. This lets companies showcase and amplify conversations people are having about them, which can increase brand awareness and also encourages more activity in general.

Through a product integration with Hootsuite, admins can now receive notifications within Hootsuite when there is activity on their LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn has also partnered with Crunchbase to feature funding insights and key investors on LinkedIn Pages – giving LinkedIn members a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s business profile.

LinkedIn is such a phenomenal financial success through the way it has cornered the market for recruitment/ job seekers and – as a result – the fact it can globally target companies and job titles more effectively than other platforms. The success is not through the way it is used as a social network, and frankly the time it is taking to optimise the way it works in terms of engagement and communication channels is surprising. However, this looks like another step in the right direction. Hopefully we’ll see lots more improvements like this coming out of LinkedIn in coming months.

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