Thought Leadership – success through speaking with authority

Increasingly our PR team is being approached by proactive, ambitious individuals – highly successful in their field – who feel they have something important to speak with authority on.

From the founding COO of the DFSA giving his perspective on Emiratisation in Gulf News, the celebrity chef Martha Stewart’s opinions in The National, a renowned plastic surgeon, to a NYT best-selling author delivering key messages about the importance of registering leaders to take part in Engagement and Motivation workshops; these pieces are of great use to media, because they are of interest to the readers and those watching television or listening to radio.

We are now carrying out Thought Leadership projects on a retained monthly basis for experts in a wide range of fields, including a new project involving a billionaire entrepreneur, to help push forward his extensive and, frankly incredible, philanthropic work for the less fortunate across the Middle East and Africa. We are excited about delivering these Authoritative Voice projects, as we enjoy getting to know these impressive people, drawing out their best attributes and activities and presenting them in a way that is often mouthwatering for the appropriate regional and international media for each story.

Sometimes it is not the organisations that are the key to generate the desired exposure, but the individuals themselves who spearhead the operations. It’s our job to make the most of their precious time, delivering powerful key messages, while providing our crucial media contacts with the content and colour that sometimes only exists within humans.

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