Environmental Awareness Campaign “Green Star” Visits Jebel Ali Primary

The Green Star environmental campaign visited Jebel Ali Primary School, where it showed students the importance of helping the environment and what they can do to reduce water and energy usage at home and in their community.

A Bosch Home Appliances initiative, the Green Star campaign reaches out to all corners of the UAE and is partnering with schools across the country, where it teaches thousands of children the importance of environmental awareness and what they can do to help.

Over 800 Jebel Ali primary school students took part in the initiative, where they were given tips to save energy and water in their daily tasks. The schoolchildren were then challenged to develop a poster, take a photograph, write a poem or create the idea for an invention that will help promote more responsible use of water. Similar activities have taken place in a number of schools across the UAE, with more planned throughout the course of the year and teachers are welcome to apply for more information.

IHC Director of PR Michael Campbell, said: “Environmental awareness and sustainability are particularly significant in the UAE where we face extreme climate conditions and water issues not found in many other parts of the world.

“It’s encouraging to see the Green Star campaign receiving such a great response from schools and the community. Our ongoing commitment is to supporting the local community and helping it to become a better place for residents. Therefore,we’ve put a lot of effort into creating an informative and engaging platform and roadshow to get the right messages across.

“Bosch is a leader in green home appliances and has won a number of international awards for its advanced technology and its encouraging to see an organisation of this size taking the initiative to share its expertise and experiences to the benefit of the public.”

Bosch super-efficient products rank in the highest energy ratings according to the European energy labelling scheme and are among the most environmentally-friendly in the market.

There is also an online element to the Green Star campaign, which is open to residents across the emirates on the Green Star UAE facebook page. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate how they are being ‘green stars’ in their everyday lives on the dedicated ‘I am a Green Star’ app. Anyone can upload a photograph demonstrating how they are being sustainable or making a positive difference to the UAE environment, with winners receiving a super-efficient Bosch home appliance.

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