Blog: simple use of WhatsApp marketing to improve your lead generation game


by Ian Hainey


Are you harnessing the power of WhatsApp for lead generation?


In a world where many prefer messaging over talking, we have been having some serious success with the addition of the WhatsApp option for contacting our agency and clients.


Using it across all types of content where we are looking for the target audience to get in contact, from Facebook to the website and email marketing, clicking on the WhatsApp button will begin a conversation in the handset with the dedicated number.


While applicable to most businesses, we have seen a particularly prevalent adoption of this in the global tourism industry, where travellers are even less willing to pay for expensive roaming calls, when they can simply begin a conversation with activity providers transport and tour guides by clicking a WhatsApp link to send off a message.


So by adding the correct HTML links to any online property, it will open WhatsApp and send a message to the provided telephone number.
This is the line of code to add: “”>click to send WhatsApp


Here is an example of how we use the WhatsApp option in contact sections:








In addition, how employees can use it as an option on the email signatures:




Why should we use WhatsApp for business?

With over 1.5bn monthly users and more than 60bn messages being sent through WhatsApp every day, how can your business afford to ignore it? More and more we are dealing with clients and entire campaigns are being organised largely using WhatsApp as a group communications tool.

Plus, messaging apps like WhatsApp have incredible engagement rates, because nearly all mobile messages are opened and read – few can ignore the unread message on the phone.

iHC’s South American team is positively buzzing about a campaign from Absolut Vodka in Argentina, where they turned to WhatsApp due to over 84 per cent of the country’s mobile phone users being on the app at the time. They held a launch party for some limited edition bottles and allocated only two invitations for the public. So how could people win? Well they had to WhatsApp a fake bouncer named Sven and convince him to get them on the list. The campaign created over a thousand items of creative user generated content, including video, images and voice notes. Check it out:

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