CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY – tighter times means more effort required for lead generation & brand awareness

The recent Leaders in Construction UAE Summit 2016 discussed austerity topics, such as the implications of low liquidity in the industry, cash flow, uncertainty, long-term stability, payments. All a bit dreary. However, there were plenty positive quotes from industry leaders, such as: “It’s still a difficult market, but the reason we’re all here is that…


Regularly our media generation for Zurich is so powerful that it sets the news agenda for the entire country. The research, studies and surveys released affect communities and everyday life, which mean they are not only incredibly interesting, but important social indicators and spark debate and engagement from millions of residents.

King & Wood Mallesons

It’s not always about generating as much coverage as possible. For certain clients. it is very much quality and targeting above quantity. None more so than the PR work we do for legal powerhouse KWM. One of the world’s biggest law firms has much to say on the market, but it’s our job to ensure the right thing is released at the correct times in order to protect reputations, while we help build the brand across the Middle East.

Perkins + Will

The only thing better for us than running fully integrated campaigns across PR, social media channels and online advertising – is doing this for a truly awe-inspiring global leader like Architectural giants – Perkins + Will. Holders of the Best Large Architectural Firm in the Middle East award, impressive design is no problem from this client. IHC takes great pride in ensuring both a wide and targeted audience sees the amazing work produced by the talented team.

Thomas & Adamson

A project management and cost consultancy that’s making great strides in the UAE, through PR+ IHC has helped this client become more visible among its decision makers and convey consistent messages about what distinguishing them from competitors.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a delicious example of IHC launching a global market regionally. Through an effective Influencer strategy and some exceptional PR work, we launched the first of the outlets in a tricky location at Yas Mall, to great fanfare and fantastic coverage across digital and other influential media.

Creative features and Front Page headlines for the entire region for top brands

Being the journalists acting for some of the World’s top brands, we can create stories that not only are read, but become top of the news agenda, such as with Travelex. Our travel stories regularly set the day’s news agenda and get the region talking about travel issues and currency topics. Just ask and we’ll take you through some of the stories – you’ve probably already heard some..

Delivering Events and Promotion for Global Brands and Rebrands

Sometimes telling people is not enough – we need to create an event to accompany the PR and social media marketing activity, such as the multi-faceted launch of Burger Fuel’s new menu – ensuring hundreds of thousands of potential customers know about it, then inviting them along to a party to celebrate. Media, bloggers and partners enjoyed an evening of music, graffiti, competitions and free fun to mark this important occasion for the distinctive brand.

Helping Businesses Spread the Message

An incredibly successful long term PR client is the wonderful British Veterinary Hospital, which has locations in Dubai. Not a clinic but a comprehensive hospital for the city’s cherished animals, public interest stories always prove popular and our Facebook competitions are renowned for phenomenal engagement levels.